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"Hellenic Energy Independence Forum" Panel Discussion and AHEPA District 6 Webinar Events


Thank you to those who attended our “Hellenic Energy Independence Forum” panel discussion webinar on Sunday, in association with EMBCA who sponsored the event. It was a truly excellent and significant panel discussion on the very important topic of Hellenic energy independence and its geopolitical, economic, and geostrategic aspects. The positive comments we received on the forum (“A groundbreaking panel in a number of ways”, “Amazing discussion”, “An extremely important discussion...”, “A group of erudite and knowledgeable men delineating multiple strategic factors of utmost importance”, “This knowledge must be disseminated”, etc.) was a tribute to this think tank event with among the most distinguished members in this field. For those that missed it enclosed is the YouTube video here of the panel discussion.

If you have followed our various events this year and this is the 8th from July our focus, as I mentioned at our convention in June, thematically this year will be on Hellenism in its various forms as we head towards the upcoming 200 Year Anniversary of Hellenic Independence and our AHEPA Family Supreme Convention in Athens in July. Our unique events have had extraordinary panelists and we have gotten a lot of multimedia press and positive comments internationally within many circles including academic ones.

Here are the links to our previous panel discussion webinars

1. July 26 - 200th Anniversary of the Hellenic Revolution of 1821 and Hellenic Genealogy Tourism Panel Discussion

2. August 9 - Aghia Sophia/the Holy Wisdom. Reflections on “the 8th wonder of the World” Panel Discussion

3. August 30 - "2,500th Year Anniversary of The Battle of Thermopylae and Salamis Commemoration” Panel Discussion

4. September 6 - The Martyred City: The Smyrna Catastrophe (September 1922). Remembrance of the Christian/Hellenic Genocide

5. September 13 - “Warrior Arts of the Hellenes: From Ancient Times to the Modern Era” Panel Discussion

6. September 27 - “Hellenic Dual Citizen Initiative on the 200th Anniversary of the Hellenic Revolution” Panel Discussion

7. October 25 - "OXI Day and its Effects on WW2, Europe and America” Panel Discussion

As discussed in our monthly AHEPA District 6 Lodge meetings that have been open to all our members we “ENCOURAGE” your chapters to not only have monthly meetings but also events, and they can take different forms as appropriate under the circumstances. The pandemic has created constraints but it also has opened opportunities and we ask that you creatively take advantage of them until we can meet as we have before. We are AHEPANS and we ARE UP to the challenge in these challenging times and as we have always done over nearly 100 years. God bless, stay strong, and stay safe. Best regards.

Fraternally yours,

Brother Lou Katsos

AHEPA District 6 Governor

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