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National Herald Ad for our Fallen District 6 Family Brothers and Sisters

Updated: Oct 25, 2020


As we have mentioned in our District 6 June Convention and subsequent District 6 Lodge and joint AHEPA District Lodge/DOP Lodge/Chapter/Member meetings we have lost a lot of District 6 AHEPA Brothers and DOP Sisters this year due to various reasons, COVID and otherwise. We have said and agreed to honor all who have fallen this year in our District with a special District 6 Family Ad with their names and photos (over two full pages) in the Thanksgiving Weekend edition of The National Herald to commemorate them and give them the appropriate thanks for their service and philanthropy to our various communities over the years in this great AHEPA District 6 Family.

Brother Jim Zafiros has volunteered to chair this special District 6 Family Ad Committee for the Thanksgiving ad, and we thank him for his continual service and initiatives within our District. He will be assisted by Media Director Brother Harry Fotiadis, our Technology and Social Media Director Brother Bobby Gemelas, and our Communications Director Brother John Metekidis in this endeavor.

Time is of the essence so we are asking all AHEPA and DOP Chapter Presidents and Officers to work towards collecting the names and photos of all your members who have passed this year ASAP (by November 13 at the absolute latest) and send them to Brother Chris Pappis at who will collect them for Brother Jim and the committee who will produce the ad. Thank you all for your service and all that you do. Stay safe and best regards.

Fraternally yours,

Brother Lou Katsos

AHEPA District 6 Governor

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