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Recently fallen Brothers and Sisters


On behalf of the AHEPA District 6 Lodge, it’s Officers and Directors, we sadly and sincerely send our deepest condolences and prayers to the family and friends of Brother George Hadjoglou, Brother Fred & his wife Clara Aleferies, Brother Dino Zaphiris, Honorary Brother Father Joachim Valasiadis, Brother George & his wife Sister Callie Papazikos, and Brother George P. Possas who have all recently fallen asleep in the Lord. May their memories be eternal. Our prayers and condolences also to the Constantine Cassis Chapter No. 170, the AHEPA Family of Hempstead, and St. Paul Cathedral for these heart wrenching losses to their community during these very difficult times.

Fraternally yours,

Brother Lou Katsos 

AHEPA District 6 Governor 


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