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Supreme President Alert


There is a call from the Supreme President to help support the “Police Border Fund” initiative per the announcement below. AHEPA District 6 has pledged $1,000 and I have pledged $5,000. Currently other districts, chapters and individuals have contributed. Let’s please try to support this worthy cause in a time of extreme need in Greece and which Turkey has weaponized migrants (mostly) and refugees. Thank you, safety to all, and God Bless you and yours.

Fraternally yours,

Brother Lou Katsos

AHEPA District 6 Governor


To: All AHEPA members and chapters – “Police Border Fund” opened, please give now

The Greek Police at the Evros border have been working tirelessly with other governmental and European teams to patrol the border. Much of their equipment is in need of replacement and upgrading. From body armor, helmets, gas masks and other elements - these items need to be resupplied. AHEPA is asking for you to immediately contribute to the AHEPA Foundation’s new “Border Patrol“ Fund. We are looking to fully equip a battalion which equals 20 officers at the front lines. The need is urgent. Please give now.

Kindly contact AHEPA Global Headquarters to relay your pledge. Donations should be made to “AHEPA” and earmarked for this fund. Defend Hellenism, please help now. Call (202) 232-6300 or e-mail us at

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